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Cutting Guide

Well, if you have ordered a square cake (no matter how many tiers), then the job is pretty easy. You will want to shoot for around a 1¼ inch by 3 inch slice of cake per person (assuming a 3½ inch high tier size; for larger tiers, reduce either the width or depth of the slice; for double high tiers, they are usually built as two independent cakes. Simply separate them and treat them like normal tier sized cakes). This may mean making a couple large cuts first to “partition” off the cake. For example, if it is a 6 inch square or rectangle, make a slice down the center of the cake to yield to rows of 3 inches a piece. If it is a 9 inch, make two cuts down the middle to yield three rows of 3 inches a piece. It gets a little trickier if the cake size is not divisible by three. In that case, just make the slices larger or smaller to compensate for the 3 inch length of each piece.

Depending on the size, round cakes can be a little trickier. To aid in this we at CakeFest have put together a cutting guide might help.

What about custom, sculpted cakes of irregular size and shape? There is no set way to cut a custom, sculpted cake. Just remember the 1½ inch by 3 inch rule and do your best.

So, you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor and are ready to dig into the work of art that is your own custom CakeFest masterpiece. But, how do you cut and serve this thing anyway?