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Pricing Philosophy

… or … Why do these cakes cost so much?

From time to time, we at CakeFest get asked about our pricing. Let’s try to expel some of the myths about pricing:

Myth #1 Its just flour, eggs, and sugar. Your cakes should start at a lot less than $5 per slice.

Respectively, we disagree. It’s true. Flour, eggs, and sugar are fairly inexpensive. European butter, Swiss chocolate, Swiss fondant, and other imported ingredients are not. Most of these specialty ingredients can not be purchased from local retail and require vendor arrangements with importers and have to purchased in bulk.

But raw ingredient cost isn’t even the real issue. You are purchasing an edible piece of custom artwork. It requires years of experience, specilty equipment, and a lot of long days and late nights to pull off the designs that our customers require.

Myth #2 But, [insert your favorite grocery store chain here] offers cakes at a much cheaper price.

CakeFest does not claim to nor can we compete with the major grocery store chains or even specialty shops that deliver cakes in large volume. But the comparison is not apples-to-apples. You can’t get 3D sculpted cakes from a major chain (sorry, plastic figures don’t count). Our cakes are a thin multi-layered cake with premium fillings separating the layers (not just pure sugar or butter crème, unless that’s what you request). Our cakes are assembled no more than 48 hours prior to delivery and are covered in a protective layer of fondant. We guarantee absolute freshness. The sign of a cake of this high quality is that it must be refrigerated for food saftey.

Myth #3 Cakes from various vendors are all the same

If you have never had one of our cakes, you likely have never tasted anything like it. We’ve been told on numerous occasions that our cake is superior to others even when that customer chose to go a different direction due to price. We would have loved to have gotten that business. But, in order to stay in business and not compromise quality, we had to let it go.

Myth #4 The price is not negotiable

The labor involved in decorating your cake is a majority of our cost. If we can reduce the labor we can reduce your cost. We nearly always give quotes that include multiple design options for various budgets. There are prices for which we can’t go below and still make money (we are a business after all). But we will be happy to work with your budget if you let us know what it is. Often, we find customers reluctant to tell us their budget. But, knowing your budget means we won’t waste time presenting an option you can’t afford.